BLCKR Wear was founded with one word in mind. Fashion. Our mission is to eliminate the misconception that stylish frames need to carry an unreasonable price-tag. The fashion industry, especially when speaking about eyewear, has been dominated for decades by world-renowned brand names. These globally recognized companies have managed to inflate, and maintain, the irrational retail prices of glasses - leaving the average consumer with little to no options.

By keeping our overhead low, and taking a direct to consumer approach, we are able to bring you signature eyewear with quality minimalistic designs - at a fraction of the going price.

Having roots in the financial services industry, a field that demands long hours in front of a computer screen, we understand that long periods of time in front of a computer can cause eye strain, headaches and many other health issues that may cause long term damage to your eyes. For this reason, we have incorporated blue light filtered lenses in all of our frames, which will help protect your eyes from the negative effects of blue light coming from your digital devices.

We believe shopping for eyewear should be effortless and simple. Whether you’re looking to add style to your every day look, or wanting to protect your eyes from blue light, our frames can help! We are constantly improving thanks to your great feedback, and look forward to continuing our relationships with our customers. Thanks for being part of the BLCKR Wear family.

Founder | CEO